About Me

For over 25 years Dorothy’s trademark zest for life, positive outlook and can-do attitude has encouraged her students into reaching their personal fitness goals.  Her upbeat energy and unique ability to make others capture their own moment have inspired the many who have trained with her.  Her main focus is to provide every student with the ultimate mind body experience in a comfortable, non-intimidating, safe and fun environment.

A native of Toms River, NJ, Dorothy began dancing at the age of three and after making the varsity competitive cheerleading squad in high school went on to place at both the state and national levels.  While attending Georgian Court College she received her AFAA certification and began teaching aerobics, step aerobics and kickboxing for The Jack LaLanne Fitness Centers. During the next few years she received her specialty certifications in Personal Training, Pilates, Aqua Fitness and Yoga. Following her graduation of college in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science Degree Dorothy was employed as an Office Manager in the pharmaceutical packaging field.  During that same time she also managed and instructed at several health clubs including New York Sports Clubs until owning and operating her own fitness studio in 1996.  During that pivotal year Dorothy trained with Johnny G, received her Spinning® certification and her studio became one of the first Licensed Spinning® Facilities in the area.

Having the opportunity to train with the originator of the Spinning® program afforded her with incredible insight.  Dorothy recalls taking Johnny G’s master class, “He rode those rollers with grace and ease acting as our tour guide leading us on an imaginary journey within the mind, body and spirit.”  After this training she knew in her heart that the program was not only created with incredible research but with incredible passion.  It was Johnny who inspired Dorothy to deepen and strengthen her inner self, find inspirational writings and to make her eclectic music taste an important aspect within her motivational teaching. Her group fitness instruction focus changed dramatically as she embraced a deeper sense of connection to her students.  She continues to use those teachings today by leading her classes with sincere mindfulness, deep connection and intuitiveness.

Before relocating to Hunterdon County in 2000 Dorothy realized that the Spinning® Program was missing from many area fitness and health centers so she started Steel Wheels in Clinton, NJ and became the only Licensed Spinning® Facility in both Hunterdon and Warren Counties.  Dorothy developed a strong following with both the outdoor riders and new enthusiasts.  Steel Wheels was a huge success and triggered other group fitness instructors and health center managers to look into the program; many of whom trained with Dorothy before beginning their own programs and/or instructing in the area. However small, she has been very fortunate to be a part of the Spinning®  program’s growth by introducing it to new markets and with her own style and voice teaching the same inspirational journeys Johnny and his team created during the program’s inception. Throughout the years Dorothy continued her training, achieved advanced skills and received the highest level Spinning® Instructor status by earning her Star Level 3 recognition in 2013.

In order to continue her education and provide her clients with a full menu of services in 2005 Dorothy received her massage therapy certification and developed her own line of holistic natural health and healing products.  Her 600 hours of training enhanced her ability to provide uniquely personalized assists during her classes.

In 2010 she went back to her dancing roots and became a licensed Zumba® Instructor with the amazing Tanya Beardsley.  In 2012 she sharpened her Zumba® skills and attended the Basic Steps 2 where she was once again granted the fortunate experience of receiving Tanya’s infectious and beautiful energy.

After practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years she embarked on yet another wonderful journey by studying with the incredible and inspiring yoga teachers, Erin and Carl Klemme of Jivana and Sujurni Yoga Schools where she became a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher.  Currently she is continuing her training with Erin and Carl and is in the early stages of developing her own Yoga School.  She attends classes regularly and has a strong personal practice as she is always seeking the opportunity to deepen her spiritual, teaching, meditation and asana practice.

Before moving to Bethlehem, PA Dorothy was the owner/operator of her third Group Fitness Studio located in High Bridge, NJ where she utilized her creative teaching and training style in a positive and beautiful environment.

She is grateful everyday as she lives her passion, inspires others and witnesses the strength she brings to the lives of so many.

From Dorothy’s own words, “There is nothing better than a sweaty hug and a thank you from a student after class.  Knowing that I have perhaps inspired or empowered a person through my classes to begin a fitness program, find their inner strength or reach a personal goal, keeps me humbled and inspired.  There is nothing quite so rewarding.”  She always says that the hardest part is getting there.  Once you arrive everything else falls into rhythm; your breath, your movement and your spirit.

Dorothy offers a way to find this connection in every class she teaches. She believes that we travel different paths in life but we are all connected.  A good instructor helps the student realize their full potential in a positive, safe and supportive way.   She considers herself blessed to be able to teach, share and grow with her students and fellow teachers alike.  Join Dorothy for a one of a kind mind body experience.

As she ends all of her classes, “Sweaty hug from me to you.”

It’s NEVER too late to chase your dreams!

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